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This is a Small into to the mod as well as the literal Into cinematic script, everything is subject to change as well as needing to be Illustrated

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So a quick spoiler Warning This contains the Script for the into to the game

As the Native version of bannerlord is going to contain a story mode I thought I Might as well release a bit of our story for you guys, if you don't want to Spoil it or dont care, this is your Warning, If you see anything you don't like or that you think can be tweaked, let me Know.

Monsters’ from Men: A Witchers Tale

War between the Wild Hunt is over, Geralt of rivia slain and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon gone. The northern realms could not withstand Emperor Emhyr's countless legions. Black banners flew over Novigrad and all of the north. Weary of rebel raids, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis returned to nilfgaard; To settle discrepancies foreign and domestic. However, despite the efforts made In skellige The white frost poured into this world, plaguing the realms with ice and snow, it's people being taken as slaves to the wild hunt. Ships readied to sail under the orders of Morvran Voorhis, Commander of the Alba and Imperator of the nilfgaardian northern realms after Contact was lost with Emhyr var Emreis. All men women and children truly loyal to Nilfgaard gathered in port cities and set off to find a new home. *Northern Kingdoms,1276

Geralt of Rivia's death Urged the people of skellige and their Queen to flee their Ancestral home. With the wild hunt murdering Crach and men along with anyone who denied to leave the isle of Undvik were slain by the wild hunt. Cerys the first queen of Skellige Decreed any ship able to sail must gather all the men women and children the vessel may hold and abandon Skellige in search of safety for her people. *Ard Skellig, 1274

The game opens with a Short Cinematic,The year 1277, Ships with black sails pollute the edges of the sea like ink spilled upon parchment, and a distant land shrouded in a misty haze lingers on the horizon. Sailors walk about the deck, Nilfgaardians, temerians, redanians, all fleeing from their homes, the people are dirty and disheveled, Non humans are shown below deck cleaning, cooking or in cells.

Cut to the boats of Skellige landing on a rocky icey land covered in pine trees and thick grass, bubbling brooks and tout in the water, Suddenly arrows fly over head and the warriors grab their shields and axes and rush into battle, A horse archer aims his bow right as the Skelligan warrior strikes! Cut to a siege of a port city on the edge of the desert, smoke fills the sky and bodies fill the breach, Nilfgaardian pavies push in a column as overhead a catapult shot flies and hit a galley, facing back forward and charge of cavalry come pouring out of the breach and right as they smash into the shield wall, cut back to Skelligan ripping a man from his horse, they are surrounded by burning buildings and berzerkers are tearing the enemy limb from limb, A warrior charges up a path to what seems to be a general and readies himself to throw a spear, cut back to siege, Temerian soldiers fill the streets as the Kaedweni horses flank the enemy from the rear, Nilfgaardian mages cast spells of fire upon the enemy relentalsy, side by side both armies slaying the last of their foes and hanging their flags over the new territories walls, pan through the streets for all of the fallen on both sides, while an old man voices the question “And Whom did you fight for”.

Cut to the character creation screen.


Interesting indeed

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nice thank you for your work im hyped

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Utyug Author

Thank you for being Hyped

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