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1] Write a short presentation of yourself (name, age, etc.)
Hi, l'm fainyance11 (Youtube and others) or PersonASC (many different websites) or Francis (Steam). You may know me from games you've played with me, or from steam but you mainly know me as the senoir sound designer of Back To Fronts. l can be found mainly on these websites, give them a visit: Deviant Art (Person-ASC), Youtube (fainyance11), Moddb (PersonASC), and Steam (Francis).

2] Write a short presentation of the mod you're working on.
Now for the mod. This mod is called Back To Fronts (B2F), it is a mod that aims to bring Call of Duty 2 back to WW2 and not leave it as just a silly shooter. l'm the sound designer and many of the sounds you hear are mine, you will also have an option to download an addon that contains all my sounds for the game. This is a great mod because l've played its predecessor (WCP Mod) and l know what we are capable of making. l make many sound addons for source games (some are considered porting...l call it a hobby when lm bored) and l upload to my Moddb page regularly.

3] Why are you doing this mod for CoD2?
Funny story actually, see l've always hated the original sounds for CoD2 but l couldn't change them. One day l was browsing Mch's CoDFiles page and found a modelling tutorial (l was interested in modelling at the time) and it said that it is possible to open the files that contained the sounds with Winrar, that was a major change in my sound career. From that day l'd became more and more active in modding CoD2 on my own, then l found WCP Mod. l began changing his sounds for my own personal tastes and l thought, "These sounds are better than just my tastes, l should show Mch or WCP", and so l did.

4] What do you hope to achieve with this mod?
The many fans of the CoD2 modding community and the fans of this mod acknowledging me as one of the greatest sound designers in CoD2 mod history, and the completion of this mod plus patches and regular updates (l hate dead mods). l also hope to allow many of the CoD fans to realize that everything we see in CoD is totally different from the real world.

5] What do you think of the other team members?
l really like talking to Mch, he was the person who got in the modding community (indirectly). l was one of his fans of his miscellaneous mods that he uploaded to CoDFiles. WCP was one of my favorite modders for the WCP Mod that made CoD2 a new game. His mod was a good base for my sounds. Torre is a different story, l never got to know him. He is just a team mate to me because l don't know him, though he makes good misc mods like Mch does. l don't know the rest of the team, though l'd like to.

6] Finale
By now you, the reader, should know that l'm a great sound modder. lf you find me on Steam l always love a good game of TF2 and L4D2 (and soon Killing Floor, Portal 2, and maybe another one...) lf you find me on Deviant Art, well just realize that those drawing l favorited is my...umm...well l can tell you in private. lf you find me on Youtube, l always love a good GMod video especially from Rubberfruit and Gb7zone7. My last words? l Love Jessica.

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