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We have been interviewed by the fine folks at

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The folks at PressA2 conducted an interview with us yesterday, and it's already live on their website! Check it out here =>

As an extract, have this!

"PA2J: Can you start off by telling me a little bit about Song Of Horror and what inspired you to make a Survival Horror game.

Well, for starters we’ve always been fans of the survival horror genre. Ignacio and me, the two founders of Protocol Games, met at high school and always dreamed about making a game, of course, our first ideas were wildly impráctical, what you might expect from 15-year old boys, fast forward a ton of years and Ignacio was a graduated architect, and I was an IT technician. The dream was still alive

One night, around what one might call a healthy amount of beer, we decided we would go for it..."

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