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EVA: Commander, here is the details of the CCS Component Tower.

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Intelligence Database Updated: Component Tower

Faction: Civilisation Conservation Society (CCS)
Details: Threatens all units of all classes
Threat Level Posed: Extremely High

The British have continued to develop older Technologies from the Second Tiberian War. The issue with this is that these developments have lead them to superior technology to that of the Global Defence Initiative. This have extended to the Component Tower. First designed as a Modular Defence System that could be deployed at a relatively low cost, and removed easily in the event of mistakes in base construction, these platforms became obsolete. The GDI stopped using Component Towers due to an overall lack of armour and low range. Due to having a lower profile to the ground, they had lower range than the newer defence systems employed by GDI today. However, despite this, the British took the concept and redesigned the Component Tower into a fully autonomous miniature fortress.

The Component Tower of the CCS is capable of much longer ranges than its predecessor, and uses Electrolytic Rail Coil Hybrid Technology. Conventional Railguns of GDI require dampening and recoil reduction equipment in order to be practical. The CCS Electrolytic Rail-Coil Hybrid Gun is a take on the Railgun and Coilgun in one chassis. These are a lot more powerful, but require a lot more power in order to operate them.

The Component Tower's only weakness is Power. The amount of Power required to operate a Component Tower is very high compared to other Defence Systems, and they don't power down fully either during their operation. Only the Base Targeting system can be shutdown, not the weapon itself. These do not conform to normal rules, so the base platforms themselves don't have a Tier Classification. However, the Modules do have Tier Classes, these are: MG-Tier1 / AT-Tier1 / AA-Tier2.

Should you encounter them in the field, remember that extreme caution is required. It is also recommended to either use Bombardment attacks. Should this not be an option to you, use both Land and Air units at the same time.



YOU PUT so much information and too much details for me to read. i just wish to see a good release to play and thats all. maybe then i will apreciate better your posts

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