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This is the list of initial features we are aiming to get into Embers of Caerus

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  • Medieval low-fantasy MMORPG
  • Level-less, classless character advancement
  • Massive, seamless, persistent world on one massive server (approx 44000 sq km world)
  • "Living World" dynamic ecology
  • Dynamic weather and seasons
  • Rich back-story and player-influenced evolving storylines
  • Dynamic Event Team
  • Immersive first-person view
  • Player skill-driven combat
  • Full loot, open PvP combat
  • Death Hurts
  • Involved, dynamic naval systems
  • Realistic siege warfare
  • Territorial controls
  • Player-controlled political and legal systems
  • Player housing and city building
  • Rich player-controlled market and economy
  • Extensive crafting systems
  • Unique and challenging magic system
  • Player-influenced or created religions
  • Dozens of professions
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