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I am most certain that Bulb Boy will soon steal the hearts of adventure genre fans

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Another title, which made a strong impression on the attendees and the jury alike was Bulb Boy. It’s a funny, and at the same time scary 2D adventure point & click game. It was developed by Bulb Boy Team comprising of: Szymon Łukasik (Art Director, Fourflies), Artur Mikołajczyk (Programmer, Ojtam Games), and Bartosz Gajdarski (Sound Designer, SoundIT).Bulb Boy tells the story of a bulb-boy (duh!) living in the Electrical Forest. Sounds interesting, right? The game has been already showcased at the previous edition of Digital Dragons, but since then it has been considerably expanded and I am most certain that it will soon steal the hearts of adventure genre fans. Also Bulb Boy has won the third prize at the Indie Showcase Gala.

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