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The alliance of MOD Groups... Here is the latest news on it, also, all the units and structures to be included.

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All Forgotten MOD features to be intailed within CnC5

-the Horde
-the Mortar squad
-the Jeep
-the War camper
-the Forgotten Harvester
-the Forgotten MCV
-the Forgotten Construction Yard
-the Power station
-the Forgotten Refinery
-the Hovel
-the Airpad
-the Garden of life
-the Tacitus library
-the Forgotten Crane
-the Forgotten Wall
-the Forgotten Tiberium Silo
-the Mortar Tower
-the Messenger
-the Blossom tree and the classic Tiberium
-the vein monster

This is in the order in which the messege said.

All Tiberium Essence MOD features to be intailed within CnC5

-TGA's (Textures)

Discussions are in progress on getting the 3A Kodiak (it will be edited to use a Forgotten LOGO)

[This post will be updated as more info comes in]

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