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An article about in-game currency in DAMAGE x10 and what they are used for and what we are going to do with the money we make

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This game is going to be a free-to-play game, but you can purchase in-game money with real life currency to buy items but its not going to be a paid to win game. In the game you can only purchase low lvl weapons, higher lvl or rare items can only be obtained through killing monster npc, pvp, crafting, or trading or buying through player shops.

In the game there will be 2 types of currency:
- Shells (droped in game)
- Cash (Real life currency)
The Shells are used for almost everything you can buy in the game, and Cash can be used for buying visual upgrades for your armors, weapons, vehicles.

All the money we make from this game goes towards the server.

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