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Imperial Guard Unit List, more units will come later, at this moment we are focusing in some bug fixes and minor tweaks. Happy new year for all!

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By the time the Imperial Guard has the following units:

  1. Imperial Guardsmen;
  2. Comissar;
  3. Psykers;
  4. Priests;
  5. Assassins;
  6. Conscripts;
  7. Heavy Weapons Team;
  8. Karskin;
  9. Ogryn;
  10. Command Squad;
  11. Inquisitor Command Squad;
  12. Lieutnant;
  13. Kaptin;
  14. Specialist Guardsmen;
  15. Mortar Team;
  16. Chimera;
  17. Sentinel;
  18. Hellhound;
  19. Griffon;
  20. Maraunder Bomber;
  21. Basilisk;
  22. Medusa;
  23. Sniper Squad;
  24. Valkyrie;
  25. Baneblade;
  26. Stormlord;
  27. Shadowsword;
  28. Leman Russ Battle Tank (incluiding Exterminator, Inferno and Punisher variants).

More units will come later.

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