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Check out the huge list of features and improvements that IOM has to offer!

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-bug fixes: Snipers, including the crash from dropping the MN9130 PEM

-reduced Sniper scope shadow sensitivity to make them more practical

-explosive rounds now effective online

-you must cycle the bolt before you can load an explosive round for now

-added authentic mode toggle to workshop configuration page

-headshot effect tweaks


Better Realism Mod: Panzer Jager '43's Better Realism Mod:

NoZoom: You may now disable all zoom in the configuration menu! You may disable just IS zoom or just Shift zoom if you care to, too

Shrapnel effects for explosives: antipersonnel explosives (artillery, grenades) produce deadly shrapnel that you can hear

Bullet whips: conditionally play bullet cracks based on estimated speed at point of closest contact

Replaced Arty Sounds: Almost every arty sound has been changed. Artillery is somewhat Hollywood, but scary. Mortars are subtle whizzes, if you're close enough to hear one falling you're probably dead. And rockets are screaming banshees.

Replaced Grenade Sounds: New, with less fall off at distance like all new explosions

Dynamic Movement Speed: You will slow down running through snow, water, uphill or upstairs, and you will run slightly faster on terrain such as roads. It's a gradual change.

Skins: Added support for new player models and skins! Will eventually be configurable serverside and hopefully by map.

Decals: Decals spawn on helmets! Only in RS at the moment, due to a bug.

Blood Effects: Spurting blood for neck shots that also trails on the ground.

Shoot off helmets: Chance for helmets (only helmets) to be blown off by gunshots or explosions (RO2 only)

"Cinematic" death effects: Screen and audio fade. Headshots result in muted audio

Location specific death sounds: horrible gurgling and screaming and quiet headshot deaths

Modified running, footstep, and ladder climbing sounds

Resupply mg sound is back

Shooting screaming dead people in the head will silence them ... but only if you are playing online

New weapons: PPD-40, RG-42, RGD-33, M38 Carbine, DT LMG, Molotov Cocktail, K98k Zielsechs. Removed bayonet from MN9130 PEM.

See your own shadow, with weapons!

Probably more: ...that I've forgotten

When loading a Workshop map in game, click the mutator tab and select the Immersion Overhaul Mutator. That's it!

Note: Fix pending means I have solved the issue on my end but have not yet updated the mod.

Possibly Fixed:Using Localized voices will usually cause the game to hang / crash at the role selection screen. Until this is confirmed I recommend using native voices.

Fixed: Dropping or being killed with the MN9130 PEM will crash online servers

Fixed: Infinite explosive rounds

Fixed: Misaligned ZF 39 reticle

Fix pending: Broken Zeltbahn and Cape textures

Crash: Random simultaneous client-side crashing when on a map with halftracks.

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