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New version of IkaDoom, bringing graphical things, fix of bugs, and some new things.

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And to think that I started this project as a secondary project that would finish in a few days, it ended up being something I have worked on even more and the truth is, I really like working with this project and seeing the criticism, thank you all :)

IkaDoom is updated, this time bringing several changes, I also took the time to try it a bit in multiplayer with my few friends, realizing that yes, IkaDoom is compatible with multiplayer, I also changed the map of God Like with multiplayer spawns, in case the demon who thinks he is a god is too much for you, then you can challenge him with a friend

In addition, I made graphic changes, as you can see in the image in which I am about to die, some weapons change with respect to the color projectile that you are going to use :P

Screenshot Doom 20211114 021935

I did a bit of balance and given some criticisms that I read, a new difficulty was added but eliminating another, Metempsychosis, in case you really want bullet hell, it should give you a little more challenge than others, also having the divine enabled

Screenshot Doom 20211114 022005

Screenshot Doom 20211114 023857

However, what this update brings the most is the Ikaruga mechanic from Return fire, if you kill an enemy of the same polarity it will fire a burst of projectiles when you die, so be careful, changing shields will be more difficult, this feature can be activated from a new menu, where you can challenge God Like and enable or disable the revenge blasts at any time :)

Finally, some people felt that IkaDoom without the iconic Ikaruga music is somewhat empty, and they are absolutely right, so God Like has the music changed now for an Ikaruga ost <3

Again, it was gratifying to work on this little project, any criticism, feel free to leave it, I will surely answer you n.n

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