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This is a list of all ideologies you will be able to find on "Beyond Earth", a HOI4 mod.

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divinity group


Divinity originated as an obscure ideology in pre-Mistake society, but gradually gathered support amongst scientists and theologists. A combination of orthodox Purity and Harmony, Divinity rejects the old world, but not the human body. Its followers regard the soul as the center of life, and to discard humanity altogether would be an affront to the spirit. Instead, scientific research is directed towards the human brain. Its secrets are infinite, its beauty and complexity unimaginable by modern man. Therefore, to truly understand ourselves as both individuals and a collective race, one must achieve enlightenment. Theological branches of Divinity advocate for a more spiritual approach, only aided by technology when needed. Scientific branches, on the other hand, are not against the prospect of utilizing gene splicing to build the ‘Perfect Human’, or ‘Ubermensch’, the final step in the evolution of humanity.

voracity group

The Great Mistake ruined the Earth forever. The atmosphere is collapsing, the waters are rising, entire peoples have become extinct. Why stake the future of the human race on human shortcomings? Technology, be it in the form of a machine or altered biotissue, will be the salvation of millions. Voracity are generally held in low regard by all other affinities. Even Supremacy and Harmony claim to be the next evolution of the human race, whereas modern Voracity wishes to shred the past altogether, becoming a new species. Voracity followers tend to enforce ‘evolution’ upon their own people, utilizing extensive modification to the point where it is impossible to tell where the human ends and the machine begins.

mastery group

Mastery is the theory that humans and artificial intelligence can co-exist in a mutually-beneficial relationship. Unlike Supremacy, Mastery does not encourage body modification but relies on robots to carry out menial tasks. This symbiotic relationship allows humans to take leading roles in commanding armies of machines, programmed under Asimov’s 3 Laws to accept their condition and take joy in servitude. Like Purity, Mastery believes in the inherent superiority of humankind over the machine. Artificial intelligence is kept on an animal-level, capable of performing basic functions, with anything more complex controlled by a human overseer.

neutral group

Not, all societies have fully committed to a single affinity. Undecided ideologies, spanning obscure schools of thought, take the best of all worlds. Citizens are free to modify their bodies however they desire, although not to the same level as with the other affinities. Combat is oriented around ancient doctrines of ‘movement’, instead of raw technological advantages. Many Undecided countries place their own interests ahead of grand ideological struggles and view space colonization as the best bet humanity has in surviving for centuries to come.

harmony group

Harmony is unique in that it doesn’t see space as the ultimate solution to humanity’s problems. Rather, it is not too late to mend the Great Mistake and restore the Earth that was. Followers of Harmony care deeply about the environment and prioritize the natural world over industrial or military development. Unlike Purity, however, Harmony believes that humanity must heal itself of decadent issues, such as greed and over-industrialization that, in their opinion, led to the cataclysm. By utilizing groundbreaking research in the fields of genetic engineering, Harmony wishes to breed a new generation of long-living, strong, intelligent, but most importantly, wise humans. A symbiotic relationship with Earth is a must, and leaving it for other planets before it is fully fixed is a sin.

supremacy group

The natural next step in human evolution is that of the machine. Immune to disease, strong in body, but retaining the spark of the human spirit. Followers of Supremacy believe that the Great Mistake could have been mitigated had the human race embraced the future earlier. Artificial Intelligence, alongside mechanical advancements of the body, is but a tool for creating a better world, one free from the confines of flesh and bone. The colonization of space can only be achieved via augmentation, to make humans capable enough to seed any planet in the galaxy. Additionally, Supremacy makes extensive use of linked neural interfaces: that is, one of its aims is combining the human race into a single, omnipotent entity.

purity group

The followers of Purity believe in the supremacy of the human race over everything. The Great Mistake was not the product of human nature, but a warning of what will happen if the race forgets its roots. History is both a textbook and a holy text: Its lessons shall guide humanity into a brighter future, over the bones of those who dare shred that which is sacred. Extensive modification to the human body, whether by the use of machines or genetics, is prohibited. All captured non-humans are forced to undergo a ‘reassimilation’ procedure. Purity also takes great inspiration from humanity’s greatest civilizations, ranging from the might of old Rome to the courage and innovation exemplified in pre-Mistake society."

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