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This Guide will show you how you can tune your Network, to host a good server or play smooth as client.

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Unfortunately all Games made with Rituals Übertools have no useful Network-Tuning menu, the network Options are quite pure and allow only to change the data-rate of the client.
This Guide will show you how you can tune your Network, to host a good server or play smooth as client.
You will have to work with the Console, please read the Console Guide for F.A.K.K. 2 before you get started, you should also have a look at the Cvar Declaration.

This Guide will only take care of values which should be changed, don't expect a complete Handbook of Network-Tuning.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS FOR A LAN/Internet SERVER [listen-server, you are the host]

set deathmatch 1;
set sv_fps 30;
set sv_floodProtect 0;
set sv_maxRate 14000;
set sv_maxclients 4;

deathmatch = Enables Multi-player
sv_fps = Server will process 30 times per second the game events
sv_floodProtect = Will also allow advanced client-configuration-commands(exec *.cfg) when disabled
sv_maxRate = maximum data-rate(bandwidth) per client, the Stronger your network
the more data Rate you can share per client.
Lower rate will allow lower a ping if all other settings match!
You have A-DSL 1000 then you need to set sv_maxrate to 6000 for 4 clients.
This are examples for recommended sv_maxrate depending on your
A-DSL Band-with: 1M=6000, 3M=7000, 6M=10000,8M=14000,12M=16000
For LAN 18000 is recommended.
sv_maxclients = Maximum Player Slots available. Set only the amount you intend to use,
lower value does reduce the calculations done by the server.

You should load any map after you have done your changes otherwise not all settings will be applied instantly.
Type "<!-- Use g_gametype 1; instead of deathmatch 1; for Star Trek Elite Force II.
Type "mapname" into the console to retrieve the name of the current map.

RECOMMENDED SETTINGS FOR A LAN/Internet CLIENT [you are not the host]

set com_maxfps 85;
set cl_maxpackets 85;
set cl_timeNudge 15;
set snaps 30;
set rate 14000;

com_maxfps = Maximum Frames processed per second. Higher frame-rate allows a
more smooth Game-play. You should set the average value that
your computer can process. If your frame-rate is constant you
will experience a significant more comfortable Game-play, especially
in Multi-player.
cl_maxpackets = Set equal to com_maxfps or a power of 2 or 4.
Not lower than 45 or higher than 86, and must not be lower
than your frame-rate!!!
com_maxfps=50 -> cl_maxpackets=50
com_maxfps=75 -> cl_maxpackets=75
com_maxfps=85 -> cl_maxpackets=45
com_maxfps=85 -> cl_maxpackets=85
com_maxfps=90 -> cl_maxpackets=45
com_maxfps=100 -> cl_maxpackets=50
com_maxfps=150 -> cl_maxpackets=75
com_maxfps=300 -> cl_maxpackets=75
com_maxfps=600 -> cl_maxpackets=75
cl_timeNugde = Should be equal to your ping, but must not be grather as your
ping and not bellow 0.
snaps = Updates you request per second from the server.
Should be equal to the Server frames, sv_fps.
With snaps 30 you will experience a much smother Game-play,
as your game does not need to interpolate as much as before.
rate = The maximum number of bytes received per second.
Should not be under 5000 and not over 18000, unless you are in LAN.
ISDN: 5000, A-DSL: 1M=12000, 3M=14000, 6M=16000,8M=18000

You can turn on the Lagometer to check if your Network-Settings are working out.
Use cg_lagometer 1 to enable it, you can also bind it to a key: bind L cg_lagometer 1;
The next time you hit L the Lagometer will be shown at the bottom right of your screen.

You should reconnect after you have done your changes otherwise not all settings will be applied instantly.
Type "reconnect" into the console.

That's it, thanks for reading.

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