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A brief description of the game and unique features of [I Like Bacon!].

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There are various foods in front of you.
If you eat a lot of protein-rich foods, such as bacon, you will soon have a muscular body.
When you are muscular, you run faster and jump higher. But you have too much energy to sustain your muscles, and your fitness drops quickly.

If you eat too much protein-rich food, you will become fat!
You run slower and lower when you are fat. However, because you have a lot of energy saved, your physical strength drops very slowly, and you do not get hurt when you get caught in a trap because you have a lot of weight.

Of course, if you eat a vitamin-rich diet, you can regain your body shape soon.

Choose one of six unique characters and run as far as possible.
Eat your food and replenish your stamina, and jump over obstacles and traps.

Collect coins.
You can continue running with the coin.
You can also buy other characters.
Do not forget that all characters have unique abilities.

You do not have to run to the right now.
If you want, run to the left.
I do not care what the record is with a negative sign before it.

Make a record that is lower than anyone else in the world!

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