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This article contains all the properties of new buildable units in HunCraft Genocide according to the bugfix patch version. There are no information here about new heroes and new buildings which present in the campaign.

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Zerg Scantolisk
150 minerals, 50 vespene gas, 175 HP
Attack: 15+6 (seeker spores)
Armor: 2+3
Properties: Mutate from Hydralisk, cant burrow, anti air
Note: in HunCraft Lurker and Scantolisk have got common upgrade at Hydralisk Den

Zerg Scantolisk

Protoss Psy Templar
150 minerals, 75 vespene gas, 3 supply, 125 plasma shield, 60 HP, 200 energy
Attack: 20+6 (psy attack)
Armor: 2+3
Properties: Build at Gateway, has got a restoration ability (just like terran medic), ground attack only
Note: its ability called "healing spirit" but thats exactly the same like restoration ability of terran medic

Psi Templars

Terran Phantom
350 minerals, 250 vespene gas, 4 supply, 200 HP
Attack: 4+6 (halo rockers)
Armor: 2+3
Properties: Build at starport, ground attack only, almost harmless againts scantolisks and ultralisks

Terran Phantoms

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