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Check out the modding solution for this innovative and customisable 4X game.

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HUMANKIND is a grand strategy and civilisation builder, developed by AMPLITUDE Studios and published by Sega. Where other strategy games of this scale - Civilisation and Total War, for example - have you assuming the mantle of a singular culture and moulding it throughout its history, HUMANKIND uniquely allows the player to combine numerous cultures across history into one melting pot of society, complete with unique effects on each stage of the game.

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Player agency in creating a unique culture is a key feature of HUMANKIND

With the developers being comprehensive in their inclusion of a wide variety of cultures, each player’s world and playthrough will end up exceptionally unique. Thus, HUMANKIND has integration via a tool that will come with a map editor initially, allowing players to share their worlds and unique civilizational makeups for other players to pick up and try out.

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The game features a wide array of cultures, allowing variety at every stage
of gameplay progression and an experience that grows increasingly unique over time

AMPLITUDE has opted for three levels of modding support - Extension, Conversion, and Standalone. Extension level modding features the map editor, as well as any content that does not add new assets to the game. Conversion level modding features new assets but not substantially change the features in the game; and the Standalone layer of modding support features the possibility for new civilisations, gamemodes, and mechanics.

Image 3 will play an integral role in supporting user generated content within HUMANKIND

HUMANKIND is the first AAA game added to, the newest business setup by DBolical’s founder, Scott Reismanis, and joins numerous moddable games on the platform. The implementation will allow for HUMANKIND to feature cross-platform modding support across Steam, Microsoft Game Store, and the Epic Games Store.

Image 1

As with all 4X games, a careful consideration of both diplomacy
and warfare is needed for long-term success

With a level editor also included in the game by default, and with 4X games regularly receiving post-launch expansions, HUMANKIND is a prime candidate for solid total conversions and greatly innovative UGC.

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