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Do you like keeping up with our Hearts of Oak releases and wish you could do something to help out? Read on to find out how you can.

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The Hearts of Oak development team is always looking to get more hands on deck to keep the game progressing well. We're a small team, and at present the game will take quite a while to finish, so every new contributor matters!

As of now, there are three ways you can help with the development of the game:

Testing and Providing Feedback
If you want to test the game, you can start right away by downloading the latest tech demo from the Downloads section. We need feedback from players to improve the game, and the things we want to hear about include:

  • Performance - How well does the game run on your PC? What settings are you using (screen resolution etc.) and what are your PC specs?
  • Gameplay - Is the game easy to play? Are the controls intuitive?
  • Bugs and glitches - Have you experienced anything unusual while playing?

Please use the new Feedback forum to post your thoughts.
All comments, both positive and negative, are greatly appreciated. We remind you that our builds currently use placeholders in many cases, so please bear that in mind when posting any comments about graphics or model quality.

Joining the Development Team
If, on the other hand, you'd like to join our development team and help shape the game's future, then don't hesitate to contact us through our recruitment forum. As we rely entirely on volunteers, the more people we can get working on the game, the better.

What we currently need includes:
- C#/Unity developers
If you're familiar with C# and/or working with scripts in Unity, you can help! If you're interested in working on the gameplay mechanics with our developers, and you have plenty of time to spare, you might be exactly who we need!

- Artists of all kinds
We still need to produce an uncountable quantity of assets for the game, including props, architecture and ships. If you're an able 3D artist, we always have something for you to do.

With the integration of the UMA character system, we will also need people to produce custom clothing items for the base characters. This will have a very noticeable effect on the visual quality of the game, so this is a high priority role!

Remember, we're looking for volunteers only. If you want to join the team, please check our List of Development Roles for details.

Spreading the Word
As with most indie projects, one of our biggest challenges is getting the game noticed. One of the simplest ways you can help is by telling your friends about Hearts of Oak!
If you know someone who might want to join the team or test the new releases, but may not have heard about the project, then be sure to point them in our direction.

When our releases begin to take shape, we will also need people to showcase gameplay in videos around the web. If you post YouTube videos regularly and would like to show off Hearts of Oak, please let us know.

As always, however you choose to help out, we are extremely grateful!

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