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Top tips from the developers on how to get high on the leader boards.

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With this basic guide you will get higher and higher with some practice.

First of all let us start with the basics. As you get up levels the game gets faster making it harder to maintain the perfect line through the water. The faster the fish has to swim relative to the water, the more stamina it will spend, so avoid going out from behind the rock for a long time.

Behind the Rock in the middle is the best place to move upstream, this makes the move up faster and uses less Stamina.

The food has different values, but do avoid spiders! Spiders have a negative impact on the stamina, although they do add to the score.

The best food to eat is the purple butterfly and the small worm.

The general strategy is to try to avoid going out too far away from the slower water behind the rock, while eating the food. It is best to try and catch groups of flies while navigating the water. The water itself gives clues as to where the food will go, making it easier to catch it.

Good luck and see you on our leader boards!

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