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Ctrl Alt Ego two-month post-launch update - in which I highlight and acknowledge the biggest boosts the game has received to date

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It's been 2 months since Ctrl Alt Ego launched... it's gone pretty well!

I mean... it's not a monster hit or anything - far from it - but then never expected it to be. But I am extremely proud of the positive reception so far (100% approval rating on Steam at time of writing!). So I'm sitting on a highly rated immersive sim - there aren't so many of those in existence - which bodes well for the long term potential of the game.

I want to highlight the main 'boosts' that have kept the dream alive over the last 2 months.

Note: These aren't the only boosts! Just the biggest ones, I appreciate ALL the boosts the game has received of whatever size.

1. Twitter gamedev community

I was pretty sceptical about Twitter when I started using it to try to promote the game back in May 2021. I still don't get all that much interest in the game on there (though that has improved since launch). But you know what? It doesn't matter! The best part of being on Twitter is being able to share the journey with other game developers - to see what they're up to, to appreciate how much better at art they are than me etc. And it's not just other developers - there are content creators, influencers, journalists, players etc on there too, of all shapes and sizes. I highly recommend being on Twitter if you're developing a game.


Mindthunk on Twitter

2. John Walker, Buried Treasure, with Kotaku cross-post

I have been trying to reach the gaming press since before launch and it's basically impossible to be heard when you're an unknown developer with an unheard-of game. It probably doesn't help that Ctrl Alt Ego doesn't have "insta" appeal.

But there is one journalist at least whose modus operandi is to go digging through unloved indie games and search for treasure.


Ctrl Alt Ego / Buried Treasure / Kotaku crosspost

John's review of Ctrl Alt Ego has probably been decisive for the future of Ctrl Alt Ego. It gave the game a level of credibility (not to mention visibility) that it desperately needed.

Every indie developer should support Buried Treasure.

3. Steam

Social media may not favour Ctrl Alt Ego, and likely only a handful of indiedb-ers are reading this, but Steam seems to like Ctrl Alt Ego!

cae steam

Ctrl Alt Ego on Steam

I have no idea how the algos work, but wishlist interest has been steady and 'huge' (comparatively speaking) since launch. Or maybe it's normal - I'm new to all this, so I have no idea.

4. Charlatan Wonder

Have you seen Charlatan Wonder's video about Ctrl Alt Ego? I mean... it's absolutely amazing and if you haven't watched it, stop reading this rubbish immediately and go watch it:

Ctrl Alt Ego Is the Best immersive Sim in YEARS

charlatan wonder youtube cover

5. Realms Deep 2022

Realms Deep 2022 logo

I applied to be included in many curated events over the last year... only to be rejected from them all.

But then finally I got my break with Realms Deep 2022 (from 3D Realms) - being in this event was a huge boost.

6. Ctrl Alt Ego Updates

Post-launch I continue to refine, polish and improve Ctrl Alt Ego, mostly responding to feedback requests and issues raised by players.

Thanks to all who have picked up the game, hoping you are the first of many more!

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