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Update 0.1.0 Coming Soon! See below for more details of what will be in this major update.

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Major Update To The Mod.

New Races: Somtaaw Beast Slayers, Zenhi Crusaders.

Galactonian update: NEXUS added, fleet remodeled.

Beast update: NAGGAROK added, Cruise Missile fixed, Carrier model fixed.

Turanic Raiders update: New Ships: Mothership, Outpost, Assault Frigate, Missile Frigate, Siege Cruiser.

Hiigaran Update: Carrier and Shipyard can now build weapon modules, SAJUUK MOTHERSHIP remodeled and can now build subsystems, Destroyer can now build modules, Battlecruiser can now build fighters.

New Weapons: Energy Cannon, Siege Cannon.

There will be more to come.

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