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Around the 1920s, the 2nd Ku Klux Klan in America reached its absolute height of power, with over 2 million Americans in the Klan. This is where my mod diverges into another timeline of history. Around this time, the Ku Klux Klan is massive. Its popularity does not decline, like it did in history. It only goes up from there. Mass lynchings, mob violence, and hate speech becomes normalized in the Deep South (as if it wasn't already) and a great rift between white and black Americans appears. The Ku Klux Klan controls Southern politics and economy, running segregated schools, burning black homeless shelters, and intimidating black and ethnic Americans through a regime built on fear and tyranny. The Great Depression ravages the South, famine hits the Midwest, and this only splits America even deeper. Forming old bonds with their Confederate countrymen, a group of Civil War veterans (Yes, they still existed in 1931, to answer your question.) make a famous speech in Nashville, Tennessee, rallying the people against Franklin Roosevelt during the election of 1932. Herbert Hoover wins the election of 1933, managing to scrape up enough electoral votes in the South to just barely beat Roosevelt. He proves to be a weak-willed failure, breaking many of his promises. The Klan takes their opportunity. Having over 4 million members in the Klan by this point, Klansman politicians rally the people into armed revolt, looting, rioting, and fighting occurs all across the South, mass murders against people of color and the blocking off of roads close the South off completely. National guard units attempt to control the rioters, but the resistance grows only bigger and bigger. By October of 1933, the Georgia National Guard surrenders to the Klan, and others follow suit. Civil war rages across America as the Deep South fights on for their freedom. The U.S military is scrambled. On February 6th, 1934, Herbert Hoover, frantic and as weak-willed as he is, formed a pact with Hiram Wesley Evans, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. They'd reach a temporary ceasefire, and the borders to the South would be cut off. Borders would be drawn. The population of the South is in absolute ecstatic joy. For people of color living in the South, their safety is unknown. Many would escape to the Caribbean and to Europe, in a grand diaspora. The North, however, is furious. With Congress being almost completely controlled by the Republican party, Herbert Hoover is impeached. There are 6 assassination attempts on him in a time span of only 3 days. The Klan makes their capital in Nashville, Tennessee.

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