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this is the features of Heroes of Alsamah , its a total conversion mod map that adds the heroes defense style to Lord of the rings

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1. More than 20 unique heroes each with unique abilities.
2. Each hero has 6 special powers.
3. Game modes (All, Random, Melee, range..................)
4. Mode voting system.
5. More than 100 upgrades and more than 30 recipes.
6. 2 factions each with unique spell book.
7. Each team has 4 towers to defend.
8. Anti-backdoor system.
9. Rings can be picked up from the map. Each with its unique power.
10. Many abilities can be activated when buying certain recipe.
11. Towers can be buffed by Damage, Armor and Range.
12. Customizable Tunnel system.
13. Streak Sound (first blood, double kills............).
14. New revive system.
15. Fast cool down special power.
16. Many types damage (fire, frost, poison ...........................).
17. The last ability for most heroes can be upgraded.
18. Many buffs are stackable.
19. Defense map based on the same system.
20. Heroes maximum level is 20.
21. Natural creeps and giant natural monster.
22. Map control system teleporting and tunnel summons.
23. Starting money split by No. of players.
24. A lot of special effects that shows buffs, debuffs, freezes, burns.......................
25. Steal money, AOE damages, life-steal, movement-control, invariability and crushing levels Logic's, and much more.
26. New arranged spell book with a new system.
27. No need to add an AI to spawn the waves.
28. The maps supported up to 8 player.

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