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Heroes used by Galactic Empire and Alliance in New Order Mod v0.4

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Galactic Empire heroes:

  • Afsheen Makati
  • Agent Blackhole
  • Ardus Kaine
  • Ark Poinard
  • Armand Isard
  • Arndall Lott
  • Blitzer Harrsk
  • Brakiss
  • Cassio Tagge
  • Conan Antonio Motti
  • Danetta Pitta
  • Darth Vader
  • Delak Krennel
  • Demetrius Zaarin
  • Ephin Sarreti
  • Firmus Piett
  • Foga Brill
  • Freja Covell
  • Gilad Pellaeon
  • Hestiv
  • Hurst Romodi
  • Immodet
  • Ishin-Il-Raz
  • Josef Grunger
  • Kurlen Flennic
  • Ledre Okins
  • Malcor Brashin
  • Martio Batch
  • Maximillian Veers
  • Mils Giel
  • Miltin Takel
  • Natasi Daala
  • Nial Declann
  • Octavian Grant
  • Osvald Teshik
  • Peccati Syn
  • Redd Wessel
  • Rom Mohc
  • Ruufan Tigellinus
  • Sander Delvardus
  • Sate Pestage
  • Shea Hublin/77th
  • Sil Sorannan
  • Soontir Fel/181st
  • Sutt Ramic
  • Teren Rogriss
  • Terrinald Screed
  • Tessala Corvae
  • Thrawn
  • Tol Getelles
  • Trachta
  • Treuten Teradoc
  • Turr Phennir/181st
  • Vilim Disra
  • Wilhuff Tarkin
  • Ysanne Isard
  • Zsinj

Alliance/New Republic heroes:

  • Adar Tallon
  • Adrian Verana/Blue squadron
  • Airen Cracken
  • Areta Bell
  • Bail Organa
  • Borsk Fey'lia
  • Brenn Tantor
  • Bria Tharen
  • Cal Omas
  • Carlist Rieekan
  • Corran Horn
  • Crix Madine
  • Etahn A'Baht
  • Firmus Nantz
  • Garm Bel Iblis
  • Garven Dreis/Red squadron
  • Gavin Darklighter/Rogue squadron
  • Gial Ackbar
  • Han Solo
  • Hiram Drayson
  • Horton Salm/Aggressor squadron
  • Jake Farrell/Green squadron
  • Jan Dodonna
  • Jon Vander/Gold
  • Kam Solusar
  • Kapp Dendo
  • Keyan Farlander
  • Kyle Katarn
  • Kyp Durron
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Leia Organa
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Luke Skywalker/Rogue squadron
  • Merrick Simms/Blue squadron
  • Mon Mothma
  • Nammo
  • Pash Cracken/Cracken's Flight Group
  • Pharl McQuarrie
  • Rahm Kota
  • Ral'Rai Muvunc
  • Raymus Antilles
  • Sien Sovv
  • Syub Snunb
  • Talon Karrde
  • Traest Kre'Fey
  • Tyr Taskeen
  • Walex Blissex
  • Wedge Antilles (general)
  • Wedge Antilles/Rogue squadron
  • Wes Janson/Taanab Yellow Aces
  • Willham Burke

What about Palpatine? Are you planning on including him in a later version?

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Sudno Author

Palpatine will be present in specific scenarios, like Operation Shadow Hand.

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what about kallus and konsantine

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These characters are not from Legends Canon

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There's no underworld/black sun???

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Yes, only major factions will be available to play (Empire/Imp. Remnant and Rebellion/NR/GA), because only these sides were able to dominate in the galaxy.

We have also planned to add playable CIS faction in future versions, which can be played at skirmish and some scenarios (Reconquest of the Rim and others).

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