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List and Definition of Hero Units in CnCD2K Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge Mod.

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Tanya Adams: Unlike orginal Tanya, she places C4s like an Ivan Bomb. Explodion can destroy any building. Like all heros she cloaks and fire without decloak when she is Elite except some missions. She can attack to paradroping infantries and rocketeers.

Victor: It is Tanya's well trained dog. It can hijack and drive enemy vehicles. Can swim and jump over walls unlike other dogs, unable to target buildings. It is only way to hijack enemy ships.

Boris Bukov: Boris has no difference than orginal except Elite cloak.

Bomba: Bomba is armed with Dynamites that allows it to destroy enemy Buildings unlike other dogs.

Jarmen Kell: Jarmen is a Sniper works for GLA. He is able to kill enemy drivers from good distance. He can also destroy enemy helicopters and spyplanes with one shot.

Furry: Furry is a lion that is friend of Jarmen. He can kill enemy infantries and deal good damages to enemy tanks and buildings. But it should get close to target. Can't jump like a dog and targetable when attacking.

Mustapha Yakubov: Mustapha is an Azerbaijani hacker works for Soviet army during GLA Conflict. He can hack enemy vehicles and defensive buildings. He has a pistol for attack enemy infantry. In skirmish you need spy both Allied and Soviet Lab. and have both Allied and Soviet Barracks.

Bozkurt: It is Mustapha's dog. I'm working on it. It has 8 cells range this is 2x of other hero dogs. Its speed is 10, 2 more than others. Immune to Posion and Radiation. It has Speed=90 on its weapon means he is too quick when targeting enemy. Has 175 HP even more than Normal Heroes. Has really low ROF. I'm gonna add a anti-tank weapon to it too.

Volkov: Volkov is a Soviet Cyborg Soldier. He is not worked much in WW3 but he was a important soldier in WW2. During WW3 he only appears in Black Guards at Allied Mission 12. In Skirmish he is buildable when you have Soviet Barracks and spy a Soviet Lab.

Chitzkoi: It is Volkov's best friend and it is a Cyborg as well. It is a German Shepherd. It can attack to vehicles and uses sonic weapon to attack air targets in Skirmish. It is only dog that can attack air targets. It is buildable when you spy Yuri Lab. and have Soviet Barracks.

Yuri Prime: Yuri has no difference than orginal except Elite cloak.

CY V-12: Yuri's Dog, CY V-12 is a Cyborg Siberian Huskie. It can attack any enemy vehicle but not as powerful as Chitzkoi. Its range is shorter than other dogs. It can spy enemy buildings.

Flint Westwood: As one of Hollywood Starts in game he has pistol and C4 like Tanya but he can't swim or target air. He is a parody on Clint Eastwood.

Arine Frankenfurter: Anyother Hollywood Star. He is armed with a minigun that can attack tanks and infantries very good. He is a parody on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sammy Stallion: Third Hollywood Star. Armed with Machine Gun for Infantries and Grenades for Buildings. He is unable to target vehicles. He is a parody on Sylvester Stallone.

Blue Brother: It is parody on Big Brother (aka Terence) from Angry Birds. It can crush any enemy vehicle and infantry.

Herobrine: Not added yet. I'm planning to use him as all tech spy unit. He will be able to kill enemy infantry with writing "/kill" to command block. Places TNT to buildings and uses a dispanser with ghast fireballs against vehicles.

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