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Having a few problems getting HU installed or running properly?

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1.) Download Hell Unleashed and verify it is not corrupted and verify you are running Diablo LoD 1.10! If don't have 1.10 you can download the 1.10 patch files below. HU will only work with 1.10, it is not compatible with 1.11+

1.11 or 1.12 -> 1.10

Extract this directly into your Diablo 2 directory before ANYTHING else if you don't already have 1.10 installed, replace files and test run. Ensure your running 1.10- If not you'll need to re-install

1.0x -> 1.10 Official Blizzard Patch

2.) Extract HU 1.2 into the Diablo 2 directory and replace all files...

3.) Run D2modsetup and install the mod. It should say the mod has been successfully installed... For those of you running windows 7 or Vista!!! Aside from ensuring you have Diablo 2: LOD 1.10 installed you will need to do a couple other things... To get this to work correctly enable "show file extentions" in folder options and enable windows xp compatability mode under properties for d2modsetup.bat, game.exe and diablo 2.exe

4.) If there is a data directory in the Diablo II directory, delete it. This directory contain the files from previous, older versions of HU or other mods and will conflict with HU...

5.) Be sure to use Hell Unleashed.bat to play

6.) If you are unable to connect to the Arimyth server (Full eddition only, Solo version can disregard as you will not be able to connect to the server), please manually add the HU.reg in the Diablo 2 directory.

7.) If you experience any errors or crashing, chances are you failed to install the mod correctly or missed one of the above steps... Visit our forum if you are still experiencing problems!

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