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Yes, that's right, folks! Sooooooooooooo much update. SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Basically, it's released.

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After starting work on this mod in December of 2012, here it is, September of 2015, and the demo of Helena is finally here!

Oh? SOMA is out already?.... Well, don't I just have the worst timing imaginable!

Yes, I did plan to have this out much earlier, but did run into problem after problem, which included being sick over this past weekend, which did not help. But I'm so happy to finally present this to you guys! This has been my brainchild for so long and it's relieving to at long last have her to share.

So many awesome people helped bring this gal to life and I can't thank them enough! Romulator, Tesseract, Flawless, and, yes, even you, Mudbill, with all those fancy tutorials of yours! Thank you, guys! :D

And lastly, I'm really excited for the voice over! This group is so super talented and this story wouldn't have even come anywhere close to being as awesome as it is without them!

Most of you probably remember Brian Mansi from "In Lucy's Eyes". He provided the voice for Ludwig waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, and I'm so sorry to have kept him and Peff (Soulsby, our lovely voice for Helena) waiting for so long for this to see the light of day... Night?

And lastly, I was lucky to have Heidi Tabing and Edwyn Tiong on board, both incredibly fine actors I've had the please of working with prior.

Sorry, ladies and gents, I'm first and foremost, a voice actor, so I must bring them into the spotlight. *spreads the voice over love*

Okay, so moving on:

I did include a few .txt files in the download for Helena for your reading pleasure. One is meant to be read before you play, the other after.

And let me also state here, if you plan to post videos of Helena: I tried to make this as YouTube safe as possible. Something may have slipped through the cracks, but I'm sure everything is good in that respect.

And #2, for video-er peoples: please do not skip the credits. Being a film buff, I'm just naturally peeved when people skip credits. They are there for a reason. So many others helped to get Helena completed, and I want to make sure they are properly noticed and thanked. :) I'm not trying to be a grouchy snob, I just want to make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.

Anywho, I think that's about it for now.

I'll be monitoring any comments, making notes, etc. Should something major come up, or enough changes made to the demo over time, I will reupload. :)

But in the meantime, HAPPY GAMING! :D


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