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Many fear the monopolistic giant exudes too much economic influence, but haven't the vast railroad networks been a boon to the Commonwealth?

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From Provis to Dunabe in matter of days!

Luxurious transnational railways now connecting every edge of the Commonwealth! Stable, safe and reliable!

Don't compromise on Your comfort - ride with Eidson!
Eidson Industries Patent Lawsuit Battle

Beginning with the industrial revolution, Eidson Industries quickly spread its metallic tentacles to every corner of the Commonwealth. Small nations become connected in never-before seen manner! For fast travel and reliable transport, there simply is no better alternative!

Eidson has been a strong ally of the Commonwealth, praising the open-border policies which allowed their business to blossom. However, many suspect the substantial economic influence gives Eidson too much political lobbying power. Ignorant of local laws and promoting questionable work conditions, the 24hr, 7-days-a-week service has disgruntled many smaller nations. Rumors of magnetic rail technology could only further secure their impeccable economic position.


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