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When creating a sequel to games or movies, the goal is always to make it better and bigger than the original. With HQ2, it is no different. Many features did not make it into the original and are currently being worked on for the sequel.

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Controllable 2d camera.
The level designer can control which directions the camera scrolls in. This helps give the mod a more traditional 2d feel. The author can stop the camera from following the player moves vertically, or horizontally. This has helped us create classic 2d scenarios including mega man style boss rooms, and metroid style scrolling.

Better controls.
The HQ's controls were a hybrid of traditional keyboard movement with mouse aiming. This was faster than just mouse aiming & turning. However, not everybody was happy with it. We still are not going to add in mouse aiming with turning for the same reason. The player now has a second style to use. This one is contra style keyboard aiming. With a program such as joy2key, it is now possible to use a controller with HQ2.

Laser sites to help the player aim.
One of the complaints about the original HQ was not having a cross hair to aim. While we have still decided against having a cross hair, laser sites have been added. Not only are they less distracting than a cross hair, but they also look better.

Fixed clipping issues.
We were able to fix most of the problems with the first HQ when it came to this issue. Sometimes the player or enemies would get knocked sideways. When this happened, various other problems would them come up. We have successfully fixed this for the player and enemies.

Moon walking
One of most wanted features which never made it into HQ was walking backwards. This has been added in.

Improved weapons
The weapons in HQ2 have had many adjustments done to them. Unlike the original, we have gone further than just changing their colors and damage. Some feature new models, new tracers, new textures, fx and sounds. Additionally we adjusted their stats for 2d game play. We have also optimized any form of light they create to help improve performance. This time around, weapons will feel more solid, and have a more clear use than before.

One of the old features we never implanted into the first was duel weapon welding. The player can only carry 2 guns at a time. This adds in more thought into the gameplay. It is very similar to the weapon system of Contra 3, 4 and Contra SS. This has made it into the sequel. The player can carry two weapons, plus the chainsaw.

Pistol Whipping
Denton's enhanced sdk gave us the option of adding a secondary attack to all weapons. Pistol whipping has been added in for all weapons except the BFG & Chain Gun. This is quick melee attack is great for hitting enemies who are getting too close for comfort.

New Chainsaw Attacks
The chainsaw has a new secondary attack. You can now swing it around like a mad man.

Fixed projectiles
In the original, the projectiles launched from weapons always came out of the player's eye. We have fixed this bug for the sequel. They now properly fire from the barrel of the weapon.
Another problem in the original was you could never dodge bullets because they were to fast. Ducking and jumping over enemy attacks in a side scroller tradition. Changes and enhancements were done to projectiles to make this possible.

Music Control
We are now able to control the fading in and out of music much better than last time. The music will now change on the fly. This is very useful for helping to create the proper feeling for boss encounters.

Stats screen
A few people requested either having a stats screen, or scoring system for the first HQ. It is present in HQ2. It shows how much heath the player has lost, completion time, amount of enemies killed, and how many of the secrets were found.

Enemy Health Bars
Another request was to add in health bars to the enemies, or atleast the bosses. This has been added in for boss encounters, but can be used for more.


Using ammo.
In the original HQ, there was unlimited ammo for a majority of the weapons. For the second one, we have decided to have ammo for all weapons except the chainsaw. This gives the player a better reason to find secrets, and stop abuse of the more powerful weapons. It has also raised the difficulty of the mod too.

Better optimized, and more polished.
Development of the original HQ was hectic and much longer than it should have been. This time, it has been a very smooth and positive experience. We are able to do more with D3 sdk than we were with the Q4 sdk. Levels are being tested and balanced much more than the original's was.

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