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A list of the major updates in the first 2021 release of Hard Corps.

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+Dhewm 3 port supports modern resolutions, modern hardware, multiple OOS, updated built in editing tools and much, much more.

+Replaced D3 ROE Bloom with Denton/Rivensin's HDR lighting

+Updated Main Menu: New images, new & more options.

+New Hud . Includes read outs for all ammo types and new images.

+Upgraded Textures for many enemies

+Many updates to enemy AI and animations tweaks for more classic 2d action platformer behavior

+Added more variants to enemies.

+Ported Rivensin's Baron of Hell and Pain Elemental

+Much More responsive Keyboard/Controller aiming

+New player damage feed back system. Similar to many classic side scrollers.

+Revamped Weapon Arsenal. Includes new weapons, models, new effects, animations, and ammo use

+Melee combat overhauled. Player can instantly access a quick melee weapon

+Charge Attack in 8 directions while on the ground and in air. Charge attacks deal massive damage and slowly regenerates.

+Slide Attack improved

+New textures and map objects.

+More movable and breakable objects

+Jump through platforms added

+Improved Music system.

+Multiple Character select with custom stats support.

+New playable character added: Scarlet Rivensin

+Upgraded 2d camera system

+Many bug fixes. This includes player respawning, save points, music and the camera.

+More responsive Doors

+New Map: Hell Rizer

+Updated Maps: Wasted Hate and Playground

+Motion Trails for Melee Weapons

+Improvements to player animations

+New input based animation and attack system added for the player. This is similar to the Special moves and combos found in Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

+New Ammo Types and revamped old ones

+New items and power ups.

+Breakable item containers similar to many classic action platformers.

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