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I stumbled upon this feature over at the other day and thought it was a nice little read about Hack The Planet check out what they had to say below:

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Before both the eco-warriors and the FBI pounce on me for promoting MoBros. Games’s solitary App Store release, let me clarify that neither trees nor PCs are harmed in the downloading of this game.

For the uninitiated, freestyle hacking or footbag encourages ‘hackers’ to perform combos of keepy uppy tricks with their little Hacky Sack in time to music.

In Hack The Planet you start off as Baloni Man, a free spirited fellow who curiously believes that the meaning of life can be found traveling the world and challenging opponents to hack-offs.

By defeating your eight footbag rivals across the planet over three rounds of hacking, you unlock their particular skills and hacks for purchase in the very relaxed atmosphere of the smoke shop.

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