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Preview of Albion's Governments, Agents, Titles & Biographies.

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Albion will feature three forms of government buildings, that will allow for other building trees, as well as law conversion bonuses.

The mod replaces Britannia's cultures/religion with historical laws.
Churches remain, however priests have been replaced with three forms of Judges (Sheriff, Magistrate, Justiciar)
Named according to respective cultures, and will be recruitable under a new tree of law buildings.

These include: The Curia, Curia Regis, and Parliament.


Among these new building trees, are new recruit-able agents:


Outlaws replace Witches

The Archbishop replaces the Inquisitor, therefore can persecute Judges, as well as Outlaws, as it was historically.

The preview image shows a Monk, and a Friar. However, in game there will be multiple of these types, for ex; The Black Friars, Benedictine Monks etc..
These are based on different levels of priests but have unique ancillaries like herbal medicine, and monastery beer.
They will be available in a separate "Monastery" building tree.

Hereditary Titles

Included in the mod will be all historical Earldoms/Mormaerdoms, Lordships and their hereditary titles and offices, passed from father to son.
If the line of succession for a given title runs it's course, the Monarch will recieve the ancillaries after 2 turns of vacancy.
Therefore, he will need to be regularly looked after in order to transfer those titles, as they will not be triggered to appear otherwise.

Only titles of "Sheriff" and similar will be able to be acquired, if the title is vacant and a chosen general is in that given settlement.

Each starting general, or historically spawned character will have a historical biography in his traits.

These are Scotland's starting general's and Archbishop of St Andrews:
(Notice, Loyalty is now Allegiance, Piety is now Dedication)

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