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The seven playable factions you can choose from, and other features planned for the release.

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There are seven main factions players may choose to control to their personal style. Players will explore the evil militant organizations and all their custom deadly weaponry, base/lair defenses, super evil powers, hire able Villains, vehicles for destruction and more. Work along sides or against communist regimes, fascist dictatorships, criminal organizations,evil terrorist cells, corporate weapons dealers, lethal mercenary militia's, and dark science organizations. Each featured faction will feature the main Leader as a playable unit. Thus, strategy evolves around keeping you leader highly secure weather that means locking down in a fortified base, going stealthy underground, or brining your units on the move as you ravage and plunder towns around the globe. When you keep your leader alive you will find the morale of your forces to flourish. Fail to be safe and assignation will be eminent.

Villains can be hired to carry out your evil plans with their specialized weapons and strategy. But be warned, they charge a hefty price for their lethal services. Hire criminal Hench-men, retired generals, military specialists and other evil figures to work under you at your every command.

Gain control of powerful super weapons around the world and use them to destroy your enemy, or maybe to blackmail United Nations forces for a hefty sum of cash. Harness nuclear, biological and mental weapons to gain power over the globe.

Keep up the action, evil plotting and fun with Global Domination. More will be posted on other game features including the updated General/Faction list and eventually unit list.

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