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The ability to share and update code and assets in real time can save a lot of time.

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Git hub now have a windows interface that allow easy access to any one that wish to use with out the need for the command line. To be honest the command line save endless time. In Ubuntu/Lubuntu I type 10 commands and configure all my OS. Under windows : is open site, lunch app, accept agreements, no ! i do not which to read the copyright stuff to the bottom of the contract. Now i need another install go to another web page get another package. Repeat all that for the zillions. 1 or 2 days or even more to configure a OS.

After a couple of days : hello your own email send you a message and you have a anti virus and a firewall configured. Couple months lather re-install OS is full of useless data.

Under Linux : Package not acceptable or usable for Linux, error debugger, error, read more learn more. Enter in all kind of hacked web pages, no trojans, no spam no nothing. The installation remains the same for longer period of times. Now Ubuntu even finally have a automated upgrade which upgrade your installation for you automatically, so that it remain the same even for longer periods of time.

Can't really say that one is better over the other. But to work i definite prefer Linux, which these days is pretty easy to work. Is one of those things if you are working often your at at least a bit hurry about security. So even for that matter think people should consider it and the community is growing. Specially for old computers that can't keep up with windows loading burden. Lubuntu which is a light version of Ubuntu (Ubuntu Core + light features) runs on most computers.

Think more people should be interested in it. It can be loaded and installed throw a PEN no one have really a excuse to not, at least try it out. Well it's my thought on that. -> windows interface install -> project files -> Torque 3D manual & small dev log

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