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This is a general FAQ for Mount and Musket: Battalion. If you havent played the game yet you should take a look at it.

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General FAQ and Good-to-know stuff

1. What is Mount&Musket - Battalion?

Mount&Musket - Battalion, commonly abbreviated to Mount&Musket or MM is a modification for Mount&Blade Warband. It is currently Multiplayer only, but the next version will include custom battle and there might be Singleplayer in a distant future.

2. What is the time frame of this mod?

The mod is set between around 1812 and 1815, and the uniforms will reflect that. We have, however, tried to give each faction troops with easily noticeable or recognised uniforms - it won't be hard to realise what type of troop you are facing once you familiarise yourself with the uniforms.

3. What game modes are there?

The most common game mode to be played is Battle, but we have also developed a much improved Conquest mode which is played on our servers from time to time. Other Warband modes such as Deathmatch and CTF also works, but are not played on the official servers. There are also organised battles known as line battles (see below) which could be considered an extra game mode. We hope to develop game modes further in the future.

4. What is a line battle?

A line battle is a mode where both sides, essentially, line up into companies and shoot at each other, like in the Napoleonic Wars. Mostly line infantry is used, but sometimes skirmishers and cavalry appear in those battles as well. There is a public Line Battle event set up every Monday at 7 PM GMT or BST. Futhermore the community regiments are setting up line battles between each other on a frequent basis. If you're interested in joining a regiment to take part in those, go here.
Additionally, large Official Line Battle events that aim to re-enact famous battles of the era appear from time to time and those are generally open to the public to some extent. Keep a look out for those!

5. Why isn't this faction in?

We currently only have three factions included, France, Britain and Prussia. Russia is currently being developed. More factions will be developed in the future, and the major European ones of the Napoleonic era are top priority. Please don't make any rant threads why we have to add a certain faction; we currently have a fairly clear view of what we want to do in the near future and developing entire factions takes its time.

6. I don't understand what these units are? Help!

The troop selection is arranged in this order by regiment. The first units are generally line infantry, while further units are foot guards and skirmishers and then cavalry. At the end of the list there's artillery and the general.
Normally, the name itself hints at the role of the troop, and you can always ask the community.

7. What factions are currently planned?

As previously mentioned, Russia is being developed. As for future factions they're either secret or not decided. But eventually we will include all major factions.



9. Is this mod both single player and multiplayer?

No. We are currently multiplayer-only. The next version will include custom battle and there might be singleplayer in a distant future.

10. How do I aim cannons ?

There is a artillery guide in the forums, check this link:

11. How do I change my Crouch button?

Go to your options menu; Then go to the Controls tab; Change the key assignment for the option "Quest Window\" to whatever button you want.

12. How do I change my Battle Cry button?

Go to your options menu; Then go to the Controls tab; Change the key assignment for the option "Character Window\" to whatever button you want.

13. How do the officer voice commands work?

A officer has more voice commands then rankers. They also can use a voice command every 4 seconds.

This is the assignment:

  • / => "Deploy Into Line!"
  • * => "Deploy Into Column!"
  • 7 => "Company Wheel Left"
  • 8 => "Advance!"
  • 9 => "Company Wheel Right"
  • 1 => "Retreat!"
  • 2 => "About Face!"
  • 3 => "I Surrender!"
  • 0 => "Present..... FIRE!"
  • . => "Hold Fire!"
  • Enter => "CHARGE!!"
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Thanks for the info, it's always appreciated I'm sure.

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