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We found that the GDI were somewhat lacking in the standard game. They had a slow economy, their air units were no match for the other factions, and they just lacked some fun elements. We believe the GDI is now a lot more fun to play as with these changes.

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  • They are without doubt the strongest ground force.
  • A well rounded faction that aren't seriously lacking in any area.
  • With free special powers they have a lot of reinforcements available.
  • Repairing on the front lines.


  • They are the slowest faction so they can get caught out of position.
  • GDI are more predictable than the other factions because they don't have any abilities such as stealth or portals.


  • APC's have had mines replaced with an EMP spike to disable vehicles.
  • Mammoths have repair drones.
  • GDI are the only faction that can garrison their own buildings.
  • Orcas have chainguns and reload missiles in flight without the need to return to the airfield except for repairs.
  • Firehawks carry both AA missiles and AG missiles. The AA missiles auto reload but the AG missiles are only reloadable at the airfield.
  • Battlebases are much stronger now and receive the railgun upgrade when it's researched.
  • GDI can build a HAZMAT Disposal Facility. It provides money like a tiberium spike and acts as a silo.
  • GDI Harvesters can now call for an airlift (this requires you to call the Ox transport as normal, then you have to tell the harvester to get in it)
  • Rigs can call for an airlift
  • Airlifts are free.
  • Engineers can repair vehicles and structure. This allows you to create repair APC's, or keep bunkers repaired.
  • Commandos are tougher but now have to use several charges to blow up enemy structures.
  • Snipers are no longer revealed when they target for juggernaut strikes.

    Added in 1.1;

  • Orca chaingun bullets now showing
  • Commando much tougher
  • Zone trooper armor more effective now
  • Units now upgrade on a per unit basis using their unit menu.
  • Mammoths and Juggernauts now 25% slower
  • HAZMAT Disposal Facility now provides more income.
  • Grenadiers are less resistant to machine gun fire
  • Sonic Emitters are now more effective against Mammoths, Avatars and Tripods and much more effective against tier 1 and tier 2 units.
  • Guardian Cannons are less effective against Mammoths, Avatars and Tripods
  • Watchtowers are more effective against infantry but less effective against ground vehicles.
  • Juggernauts no longer shoot through cliffs / mountains - they require line of sight to fire
  • Reinforcements (GDI Airbourne, Sniper drop, Bloodhounds) reticules are now smaller

Great work guys you have filled in the holes that made GDI easy to beat now it should be easyer to get to the last tier :)

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