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The cast of characters in the StarCraft: Gas campaign.

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Jim Raynor
I think mostly everybody knows who this is...
Very recently, during a direct attack on Korhal, our pal Jimmy was kidnapped. His Raiders are trying to bomb their way into the installation he was put in, but alas...

A ghost with no apparent last name.
She appeared like most ghosts, out of the blue. She always has a plan, commonly invovling destroying a few structures.

Here's a 'Rine who doesn't know when to quit. A long friend of Kari's, he's addicted to Stim Packs.
He doesn't play much of a role.

Portrait by Daelin
A Dark Templar. His planet was infested by the Zerg and many friends of his began to blame Adun.
Ashen complains about EVERYTHING.

Vill Ain
That guy with the cheesiest name invented.
Vill is the man who kidnapped Jim and anything else I say would be plotspoiling.

Portrait by Jasen
Who is this mysterious character?

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