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Here is a video demonstrating how the FPS system for the map (animal hunt minigame) looks like.

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One of many mini games we want to deliver in this map is named Animal Hunt. It's a First Person Shooter animal hunting simulation game. The goal is to hunt the target creature(s) before the time limit ends. You may get rare items from rare creatures which worth a lot of money and can be used for certain purpose (item craft, etc.). The mini-game is only accessible once a week, but can be accessed any day by talking to the lumberjack. The hunting field (forest) will be randomly generated. Including objects, grounds, and creatures depending on the day and weather the hunt takes place.


The control is similar to other FPS games. WASD to move (run), R to reload, Shift to walk quietly, CTRL to duck. Left-Click to fire the weapon, right-click to use weapon's features.

However, we are still nowhere near completion. Currently we are working on the random world generation.

Well.. That's all we can show you for now. Stay tuned!


Damn, I've played tons of various Warcraft 3 maps/mods for years after it came out and I'm still surprised by what people can do with it.

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henrys. Author

Yep, now you can pretty much do and create anything with it. Someone's even making a real MMORPG. Maybe the project will come to moddb someday.

Thanks for dropping by. ;]

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