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To motivate people to register on our forum, we publish a new article like this one every 30 new members. This article presents two jobs that anyone will be able to do if they meet the requirements : Garbage Collector and Taxi Driver

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Feature Presentation #1

Subject: Public job - Taxi Driver, Garbage CollectorAvailable to: Anyone who doesn’t have a jobPlatform: ServerDescription:
One of our goal in NY:RP is to keep the streets of Liberty City alive and to represent the reality of New York. If you’ve ever been to New York, or watched a movie, you must have noticed thousands of taxi cabs on the streets. A government-represented company will hold taxi depots in all sectors of the map. To avoid having more drivers than cabs, there will be a maximum number of employees at a time. At the mayor’s office, someone will be responsible for public jobs - thus, if taxi drivers have requests, they’ll be able to go to that person directly. To start your job, when employed, you must go to one of the depot in any sector and take a cab. Instantly, you’ll be linked to the taxi’s special phone line. When a customer will call, all available taxi drivers will be able to pick up their phone: the first one who picks it up will get the customer. Then, of course, there’s always been a problem in all RP servers : they never got calls. We’re going to implement missions with bots, so cab drivers are always busy if no actual players call them. You’ll get a paycheck at the end of the week, and to get 100% of your salary, you must have driven a precise amount of customers. If you are under that amount, you’ll get less money. If you’re over, you’ll get a very small bonus. Also, your paycheck will increase depending on your dedication to that job - meaning, it increases if you stay in the job for a good time.
†‡Another job we will offer is the Garbage Collector. It will work almost the same way as taxi drivers. When employed, there will be depots in all sectors, where you can take a vehicle. Everywhere on the map, there will be actual trash on sidewalks, streets, and garbage collectors will have to remove them. Of course, if they do not take them, they will accumulate, eventually causing damage to property or vehicles. When your truck is full, you’re going to have to empty it in a fire disposal station. The paycheck will work the same way as taxi drivers.
Next feature presentation will be posted when another 30 members will be registered!Stay tuned ;)

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