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The Gametype playlists are the available gametypes on the mod. The player can choose which one to play on.

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The mod features several playlists for the player to play on. From BETA onwards, Project Warzone will feature 2 playlists as standard, "Team-Deathmatch" and "One Man". "Hardcore" variations of these playlists will be available also.

Playlists are Server Side Controlled. The custom Project Warzone startup.exe updates the playlists before the game is launched, if the replacement startup.exe and gamelauncher.exe aren't added to the Gears Installation's Binaries folder then playlist's will not be downloaded and thus, the player will have nothing to play on. If the player has no access to the internet for a period of time then the last downloaded copy of the playlists will be playable for the player.

Occasional "Fun Event" playlists will appear from time to time which include alterations to the standard playlists, "mutators" if you like.

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