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The gameplay consists of two elements, a turn based management and a real time action survival simulation. During the management gameplay players take control of a survivors camp and manage it's population by assigning different tasks, building up camp defenses, constructing building, managing research / production and diplomacy. Players will also have to make decisions at random encounters and events, making each gameplay experience different.

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Open World
An open world to explore with changing scenery will take players through wild forests, vast planes, rural environments and ruined cities. A randomly generated events and missions, will make every play through a unique experience as players will scavenge for resources, meet other survivors or just explore a hostile world.

Custom Characters
Create and customize your characters with different outfits and gear. Earn experience points from completing missions, events or helping others. Multiple skill trees allow players to adjust their characters to better suit their gameplay style.

Research and Production
A deep crafting system helps players make advanced tools to help their survivors in their every day tasks, make weapons and armor to equip their characters and produce necessary components to build up their camp and upgrade it. Research new technologies and tricks to better adapt your camp and population to the new hostile world.

Factions and Diplomacy
Discover other survivor camps, trade resources and receive special missions. Players can use the reputation system to become a friendly, helping group or become a feared bandits taking resources from other survivors by force. Different factions will offer unique events and missions throughout the game, and players will be able to become members of one faction for greater rewards or remain neutral and balance their faction standings.

Invite your friends, form a group and scavenge for resources together or play a series of PvP modes. Flexible PvE / PvP settings to better suit your gameplay experience. Trade with other players and run missions together, venture deep into overrun ruined cities for rare loot and take on a special enemies for unique rewards.

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