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I will explain more deeply how the three soldiers work together.

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Gameplay explained
I want to tell you a little more about the three soldiers that you get to play. You will see that this mod is more tactical than it may look in the "First gameplay" video. In this mod you play three soldiers. You can only control one at a time. The other two stay where they are and shoot enemies. You can switch between the three at any time.

The Assault
He has most health and a very powerful but inacurate machinegun. That means he is allways closest to the enemies. He should be the one who takes enemy fire because the other two soldies die much more easily. His job is to scout ahead, advance into new areas and lure enemies out of their cover. His weakness is that he does not carry very much ammo. And there is no way to resupply during missions.
His special ability is the marker. Marked enemies can be seen from far away and even when they are behind cover. A large beacon is blinking above the marked target. There are several ways to use this and in some missions it will be your goal to mark certain targets.

The Support
He carries the most powerful weapon. A machinegun with explosive rounds annihilates every enemy or even entire groups of hostiles, its only a matter of time. He also carries lots of ammo. That is why the Support is the one who should deal most of the damage. He fights best at medium distances. Unfortunately he doesn´t have very much health so you should keep him out of enemy fire. Retreat if necessary. Also his gun is too inaccurate for long distance battles.
His special ability is the a healthkit. He can drop it anywhere and one of the three soldiers can pick it up. Not very creative I must admit. But you will love it when you are in the battlefield. Loosing just one of your soldiers makes it all a whole lot more difficult.

The Sniper
No big surprises here. The Sniper works best at long distances. With his perfect accuracy he can take out any target...that stands still. His job ist to take out enemies hidden in windows or behind stationary guns. He should stay out of all direct combat because of his low health and his slow rate of fire.
You will have a lot of fun with his special ability: the airstrike. Just rightclick on your target and within seconds a bomber will appear and drop a whole carpet of explosives. Make sure your own men are far away. The trick with airstrikes is that the bomber pilot will only attack if he sees that target. That means that target must be very high up. Rooftops or towers are nice targets. If your enemy is deep down in some trenches the Sniper must cooperate with the Assault.

The three soldiers must work together in order to be successful in the battlefield. It goes like this: You bring your Support and your Sniper into a good firing position and then advance with your Scout. If you find enemies you retreat and make them follow you. The Scout is powerful but he simply lacks the ammo to fight larger groups of enemies. Use the scout´s weapon only if you are in great danger. Otherwise let the Support and Sniper do all the work. Once you have cleared one area of enemies move all soldiers ahead and begin from start again.

Airstrikes also require teamwork. Like I said before the bomber pilot will only drop his bombs if the target is high enough, such as a tower or a rooftop. This was actually a bug in the airstrike-system but I liked it so much that I kept it and made it a feature. So how do you airstrike targets that are very low down hidden in some hole? First get your Assault and mark the enemy with the marker. The marker will appear high above the enemy. Then use the Sniper to order an airstrike on the marker. Success! The bomber pilot will drop the bombs when he sees the marker.

Thats basicly how teamplay works in this game. I want to post a video some time later. Keep in touch guys!

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Can't wait to play it. Really nice!

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