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The strengths and weaknesses of the both major factions, an overview over their weapons and ships, and some informations about the minor factions which are planned.

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The strengths and weaknesses of the both major factions, an overview over their weapons and ships, and some informations about the minor factions which are planned.

Major Factions:
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The Phoenix:

The Phoenix arose out of the ash of the humanity after a cruel global civil war that killed millions, only the best of human genes are united under the flag of a new star empire, that is expanding quickly and brutally efficient, doing, what humans are best at: aspiring. The Phoenix are determined to reshape the galaxy the way they want, being the manifestation of evolution, and bringing "The Truth" to all creatures of the galaxy, with violence, if needed.
The individuals their small population consists of are superior to any other intelligent life form of the galaxy in most areas. Their superior genes combined with only the best of engineering to create artificial limbs and so on, their ruthlessness, their determination, their strong belief, their superior ship and weapon manufacturing abilities, their creativity and adaptability, these are only a few of all the traits that make the Phoenix the elite of the galaxy and maybe even the universe. There are other species with even smaller population but more capable individuals, but the Phoenix have shown, that they are able to compete with and defeat any enemy they wish to take on.
Form of government: Monarchy-Democracy-Combination
Playable: Yes

Okay, now, here an tactical overview:

+superior vessels
+superior ground units
+faster hyperspace because of their advanced wormhole technologies
+really unique special abilities

-rather expensive and elitist units
-long special ability recharge time
-somewhat weaker bombers
-no really good carriers

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The Tecteron:
The Tecteron are known as power-hungry warmongers. They have created a massive Collective Republic, that consists of mainly them but also various other species. Their "star empire" was bigger in the past, but the empire dwindled due to a series of massive wars millenia ago. After these, a neutral organisation was created to ensure peace in the galaxy, for example with contracts. But the organisation was destroyed by terrorist actions, probably initiated by the Tecteron. The result was another series of wars. The Tecteron Collective Republic managed to puppet the Cadanian Republic.
Now, the Tecteron are facing the Phoenix, and they are determined to not fail again, and take over the entire galaxy, restoring their old power and gaining more.
They are no elitist faction, but they employ superior vessels as well, their ships are superior by simple size and brute strength. The Tecteron are masters in the war of attrition, their ships are tough because of a strong hull and good shields, their weaponry is quite impressive too. But their ships are also slow.

Form of Government: Pseudo-Democracy
Playable: Yes

+big, tough ships
+good carriers
+ground mass army

-more expensive ships
-slower in both hyperspace and orbit
-most weapons don't go through shields
-lots of kinda crappy mass-focused units

A puppet faction of the Tecteron, the Cadanians have secretly built up a military force to rebel against their oppressors, their goal is freedom and democracy. Now the time has come, and the "raptors" will fight against both the Phoenix and the Tecteron. They are ready, their small star empire has massive ressources, a big population and clever militaric leaders.
The Cadanians are social, idealistic, freedom-loving, clever, creative and flexible, and therefore somewhat similar to humans in some ways.
Their ships are designed to work together very well, synergy and teamwork are necessary for the Cadanians to win, and used correctly their military is powerful and devastating.
Form of Government: Pesudo-Democracy because puppet
Playable: Probably

+good carriers
+superior fighters and bombers
+extremely good synergy
+various smaller strengths

-extremly specialized ships and units
-slightly more expensive ships and units
-need a good fleet and army planning
-various smaller weaknesses

The Vuun are a race of intelligent, mangrove-like plants with superior psychic abilities and a predilection for science. They preferred to avoid taking place in the conflicts of the galaxy and
kept researching and philosophizing, but now they see democracy as endangered, and consider using their knowledge to overcome their weaknesses and become a powerful force, that is able to suppress both the Phoenix, the Entersians and the Tecteron, but mostly the latter one, together with the Cadanians, which they see as their only real partners, and the last hope of the democracy in this galaxy.
As one of the oldest races of the galaxy they have influenced the history of the galaxy a lot,
while staying retired and nearly unknown. For example did they teach the Entersians in psychic
warfare and handed their shield technology on to the Tecteron.
They are somewhat different than other species, and mysterious as well, their ships and units employ different technologies. For example their fighters are drones mind-controlled by Vuun plants on a base ship.
The Vuun have limited ressources and manpower and use their massive brain to plan all their actions very carefully, they employ exotic tactics and strategies like the Caracolla-Formation with decent success.
Form of Government: Democracy
Playable: Probably

+strong shields
+superior psychic abilities
+exotic and interesting technologies and tactics
+various smaller strengths

-expensive and elitist units
-sometimes weaker hull
-smaller number of weapons
-various smaller weaknesses

Minor Factions:

Only appear in some missions of the campaign and in very few tactical battles, over high populated planets. They have only some trade ships and defense units from the major factions they descend from, and they fight against both, if they need.
They will get an own AI so they prefer running away and seeking shelter and don't attack often.
They have only few weapons, like defense turrets and lasers, and some rockets. Don't attack them unless you really need to, because they are innocent and they are no threat for you.
Playable: No

They are a mysterious race only appearing very rarely. Once a huge empire, they began to fell when their slaves started rebelling. Now they are mostly for themselves, which proves difficult, as they need very special conditions to live, that make most planets unhabitable for them. Therefore, colonizing and exploiting planets is by far more complicated and the Entersians are travelling through the unknown parts of the galaxy for the most time, using their massive colony ship, and the escorts of these.
Their ships are stealth capable and they use psychic and tactical tricks nobody else ever used.
Form of Government: Unkown, probably dictatorship
Playable: No

+strong weapons
+psychic abilities

-expensive and elitist units
-bad anti-fighter defense

Coming soon...

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