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Features of the game, as anticipated. Note that at this stage, I will have to figure out how to make things work. Very likely to change.

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It will feature a 'grand campaign' with persistent everything. You will then be required to slowly spread the zombie infection across the entire globe. You will only be able to plan, scout, and research on this level. As the zombies and humans will have a fixed global value...Yes, you can kill off your invasion by killing all the humans.

Global Features:

  • Research
  • Scout (Some way to anticipate human response)
  • Relocate hordes to further your cause.
  • Upgrade your zombie servants.

Battle Map Features:
Command your zombie horde to gain control of the region:

  • Destroy any military or police presence.
  • Destroy all medical facilities to ensure no cures are discovered.
  • Cut off any hope of escape
  • Don't eat everyone!

Infiltration :
Send in a specialized zombie squad to perform a silent infestation operation for a variety of reasons. These mission are repeatable, but the more active you are in a region, the more likely you are to draw outside human intervention.

  • Pre-Invasion - Send in a squad to secure a base of operations in the region, in anticipation of a full invasion
  • Recon - Send in sensory enhanced zombies to gather information on the region
  • Intelligence - Infect leaders in the local structure, acquiring highly useful information on the individuals knowledge.

And so much more!

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