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Keyboard, Spell book, Map editor, and new mode games - Nekronomicon, Invasion, Artifat hunt.

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B - spell book

B + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - keys for spells usage (works with the open spellbook)

H - magic arrow

C - special abilities (e.g. turning into bat, petrification, demons resurrection, find undead)

Spells cost

magic arrow - 5

lighting - 25

frost ring - 25

fire ball - 35
inferno - 40
cure - 20
hypnotize - 40
summon fire elemental - 30
animate dead - 40
resurrection - 60

medusa petrification - 10

demons resurrection - 40




Fight with other players to show if you’re worthy of the title of a true hero.

Aside from standard game, there are also new modes available:


Become a lord or one of his bodyguards and seize strategic flags, or join the forces of darkness and kill the lord.

Characters roles:
- Lord - seize flags
- Monk - find undeads
- Halberdiers - bodyguards

- Black Knight - must kill lord
- Crypt Walkers - must kill lord
- Skeletons - must kill lord

- Pit Fiend - must kill lord
- Demons - must kill lord
- Gogs - must kill lord
- Imps - must kill lord

- Peasants - civilians, don't kill


Play as survivors, trying to endure the plague of zombies, restless wights, or bloodthirsty vampires.
Play as the undead, and make the fallen survivors join your ranks.

Character roles:
- Survivors - trying to stay alive at all cost

- Undead - killing the survivors, making survivorsthat die join the undead (press "C" to locate the nearest target)


Defend against storm of countless creatures, commanded by enemy lords.

Special objects:
-treasure chest – refilling the ammo
-healing flask – restoring health
-mana well – replenishing mana

Artifat hunt

Fight against, or join forces with your foes to acquire powerful artifacts protected by hordes of guards.

Map editor

Scene Props:

f_xxxx - new objects

door_with_hatch - door with hath
door_hatch - hath
f_biblio_door - door
f_window_1a - window
f_window_2a - window

officer_pole_spawner - flags for Nekronomicon mode


invasion_ammo_box - treasure chest
invasion_health_potion - healing flask
invasion_mana_well - mana well

Artifact Hunt:

titans_cuirass - Titan's Cuirass
thunder_helmet - Thunder Helmet
sentinels_shield - Sentinel's Shield
titans_gladius - Titan's Gladius
titans_light - Titan's Thunder
dragonscale - Dragon Scale Armor
dragonshield - Dragon Scale Shield
dragongreaves - Dragonbone Greaves
dragoncrown - Crown of Dragontooth
dragonring_hand - Still & Quiet Eye of the Dragon
dragonsword - Red Dragon Flame Tongue
dragonset - Power of the Dragon Father
cloak_of_the_undead_king - Cloak of The Undead King
sharp_bow_relic1 - Bow of the Sharpshooter
angel_arrows - Angel Feather Arrows
sword_of_frost - Sword of Frost
armageddon_blade - Armageddon's Blade
gnoll_king_shield - Buckler of the Gnoll King
ogre_fury_shield - Targ of the Rampaging Ogre

bots_spawner - addidng creatures (guards)
Var1 No: - number of creatures (enter the numbers)
Var2 No: - type of creatures (enter the numbers)

Type of creatures:
0 - armed_skeleton
1 - zombie
2 - power_lich
3 - skeleton
4 - skeleton_warrior
5 - skeleton_archer
6 - wight
7 - vampire
8 - vampire_lord
9 - crypt_walker
10 - crypt_warrior
11 - crypt_guardian
12 - lich
13 - black_knight
14 - dread_knight
15 - gnoll_brigand
16 - gnoll_marauder
17 - lizardman_archer
18 - lizardman_warrior
19 - lizardman_skirmisher
20 - lizardman_traper
21 - lizarman_vanguard
22 - serpentfly
23 - dragonfly
24 - gorgone
25 - gorgoneup
26 - pikeman
27 - halberdier
28 - archer
29 - marksman
30 - swordsman
31 - crusader
32 - monk
33 - zealot
34 - cavalier
35 - champion
36 - angel
37 - archangel
38 - dwarf
39 - battle_dwarf
40 - wood_elf
41 - grand_elf
42 - pegasus
43 - silver_pegasus
44 - dendroid_guard
45 - dendroid_soldier
46 - unicorn
47 - war_unicorn
48 - goblin
49 - hobgoblin
50 - wolf_rider
51 - wolf_raider
52 - orc
53 - orc_chieftain
54 - ogre
55 - ogre_magi
56 - cyclops
57 - cyclops_king
58 - boar
59 - beholder
60 - medusa
61 - medusa_queen
62 - mage
63 - genie
64 - sharpshooter
65 - snowelf
66 - efreeti
67 - efreetsultan
68 - devil
69 - titan
70 - fire_elemental
71 - fire_elemental2
72 - fire_elemental3
73 - air_elemental
74 - dragongolem
75 - nagatank
76 - spider_king
77 - gold_golem
78 - peasant
79 - archdevil
80 - earth_elemental
81 - minotaur
82 - minotaur_warrior
83 - minotaur_king
84 - imp
85 - familiar
86 - gog
87 - magog
88 - hell_hound
89 - orthrus
90 - cerberus
91 - demon
92 - horned_demon
93 - pit_fiend
94 - pit_lord
95 - mutare_drake


Only one question. How i purchase/equip/use spells? My character only have 0 mana and can`t cast spells.

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Normally, your character's mana depends on the amount of intelligence you have. You also don't buy spells. You press B and it opens the spellbook. If using a ranged spell, aim on your target as best as possible before pressing B.

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Hi, love this mod, just wanted to ask what number relates to which spell?

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the custom castles and maps look great but can someone tell me why there never a prison door in towns, makes me fail the *rescue or ransom prisoner* quest everytime xD

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Which spells correspond to which numbers? I think maybe placing the number they go with next to their icon, along with their name beneath their image, would be very useful. Additionally, I'm not very familiar with the magic in heroes of might and magic, would it be possible to get a description of what the spells do here, so I can learn about which ones I want to use without lots of trial and error?
Or, have I missed something, and you guys actually have a talesworld forum with all this information?

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-Magic arrow: aim with your crosshair at your enemy. Missile spell that deals a small amount of damage depending on your firearms skill.
-Lightning bolt: does a high amount of damage to a single or sometimes multiple target(s).
-Frost Ring: area spell which deals damage to all enemies around you in a close proximity.
-Fireball: area missile that deals a high amount of damage to enemies in a certain radius.
-Inferno: area spell that deals damage to enemies around you in a large radius.
-Cure: heals you and allies around you.
-Hypnotize: temporarily bring enemies to your side.
-Summon fire elemental: summons 3 fire elementals.
-Animate dead: resurrect dead bodies around as weak skeletons and zombies.
-Resurrection: resurrect dead bodies around you.

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Will we be able to teach companions spells in any future versions? Also, have you considered getting into contact with the Phantasy Calradia guys? They have a really solid setup for casting spells non-intrusively, and maybe they could help you guys out on making casting something that can be done without a book taking up the screen.

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There are bots who cast spells. And although I don't think we'll be able to teach companions spells, they can add more companions who cast spells. Currently, Sandro casts animate dead and I think they're planning to let Gem cast Cure.

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Then you /really/ need to get into contact with Phantasy Calradia, they have a means of teaching all companions spells. Seriously, communication with those who have accomplished before what you are attempting is key to achieving greater success in any field, give them a message and see if they're willing to tell you how they did it.

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It says press c to use abilities, can u actually get these abilities in the single player game or is it only for multiplayer?

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only for multi although bots use them in SP

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Can't seem to find no servers, is this common?

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Just a small question. Are the Undead troops supposed to have terrible morale all the time. cant seem to raise it. They keep leaving me

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How do you move your Home without Velvet and Tools?

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