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The low down on my upcoming game. This game is in its early stages but already off to a great start.

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Devoured Time

What is Devoured Time? Devoured Time is an Action RPG with a mix of horror, strategy, and survival all wrapped up in one game.

What makes this game any different than the rest? Sure it has all the systems a standard rpg has, and sure it has an epic story, but it’s much more than that. Besides all the new ideas we have, we want your feedback, your ideas. Three key factors for us is build a great foundation, give the player as much freedom as possible, and create systems and features the player wants. In the end of the day what will make this game different is your input and ideas.

What do I do in this game? You tell us. We are making a single player story line you can follow, but what do you want to do. We like crafting and exploring. We believe you the player should decide what to do, who to be, and where to go. Do you want to hunt and skin, let us know? Do you want to mine and craft, say it and we will work on a system that works for everyone?

We are gamers at heart and we know what we want, but we also know there are tons of cool new ideas out there and we decided not to limit ourselves with just making a game with only our systems. So go to our website, voice your feedback through our polls, or here on comments. Read below for a little about what we plan and remember that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


This game takes place on a rare planet imbued with magic. This isn't earth, you are not human. You are a humanoid species with skin colored red, a horn were a chin would be, hair color as vibrant as a rainbow, and eye color just as varied. You wake up with nothing but fragments of your memories surrounded by a ruined town in a place you don’t recognize. How did you get there? Who are you? These are things that will drive you to find out what happened. At this point you will be introduced to the first of many NPC's that will offer you a quest or two. This is your main story line where you will find out who you are and why you can’t remember anything. Over 15 years ago an advanced race of aliens crashed on the planet which in turn created different anomalies on the planet. Some rips in the fabric of time causing devastating effects. The effects have got worse over time, creatures from with the void begin to cross over into the players around the time you start the game. What are they? Where do they come from? These will all be answered through the main story.

Single Player

The single player mode has all the standard systems you would expect in an open world rpg. There is a main story line to follow, with multiple paths to follow leading to multiple endings.

Planned Single Player Features (not final list and subject to change depending on player feedback)

  • Main Quest - The main quest will take around 30 to 40 hours to complete and will introduce the player to different game mechanics.
  • Side Quest - Side quest will offer the player the chance to explore and discover more lore about the world we created. Side quest will range from funny to dark themes.
  • Bestiary - Every enemy, npc, and most of the planets vegetation will have detailed info for the player to discover. As the player kills or completes specific quest they will unlock more info about each enemy as well as unlock stat boost against that enemy.
  • NPC's - Every npc will have their own backstory, name, and personality. Some have side quest for the player to accept, and some offer the player info on world lore and enemy info that could help increase player stats against said enemy.
  • Inventory - Standard slot/weight system based on player feedback.
  • Crafting - We are going for a detail crafting system that will allow the player to create items not found anywhere else in the game. How detailed will depend on player feedback
  • Building - The player will be able to build a small town that serves as home base.
  • Regeneration - Part of the lore in our game allows for enemies and Npcs that don’t just die.
  • Collectables - Throughout the game you will run across many of these items, collecting them will unlock achievements, stat buffs and lore.
  • More to come.....

Multiplayer in our game will vary depending on the mode the player chooses to play. Right now we are going to create four modes, Arena Action, Arena Strategy, Building Casual, and Survival.

Planned Arena Action Features (not final list and subject to change depending on player feedback)

  • Death match
  • Team Death Match
  • Capture the Flag
  • Base Defense
  • Class based combat
  • Leader Boards
  • More to come.....

Planned Arena Strategy Features (not final list and subject to change depending on player feedback)

  • 1v1, 2v2
  • More to come.....

Planned Building Casual Features (not final list and subject to change depending on player feedback)

  • Player Stores
  • Player created quest
  • Player town show off
  • Player events
  • Player Hangouts
  • Player Gifts
  • More to come.....

Planned Survival Features (not final list and subject to change depending on player feedback)

  • Large map to build on
  • 8-16 players (at first)
  • Player management - Health, stamina, hunger, thirst
  • Advanced crafting - Base, frame, doors, etc
  • Map deformation (Limited)
  • Main city
  • Player Trade routes
  • Advanced towns - Npcs will come to town and player can set them to do task
  • Random standard enemy spawns - Basic attack player on site
  • Random advanced enemy Spawns - Will build up bases and recruit to raid player
  • Resource management
  • Player to player system - Less on PVP more P+PvE
  • More to come.....

That was the basic breakdown of features we have planned. As the game progressed will plan on adding in features and updating other features as we get feedback. As with any game there are budget requirements which is why we are getting feedback so we can see what the players want to play. With the feedback we can determine the type of assets and time we will need to incorporate everything into the game. We plan on doing a kick starter as well as post the game on Greenlight to get the game voted up. We are going for a very community driven game where the fans opinions and ideas help shape the game. Please keep in mind we need your help and support to make this game happen.

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