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Evyngard: A New Beginning is an epic fantasy game where you control the fate of the realm!

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Game Features:

Combat is sort of like Hack 'N' Slash, instead players will be able to level up weapon techniques instead of traditional experience leveling.

Techniques - No skills, each class must purchase or find training books to increase their combat abilities

Health and Stamina will be percentage based
Adjustable first person or third person perspective
Plenty of quests to do and you may explore the realm.
Crafting - Craft the best armor in the game, or an Airship to travel across the realm or even craft Salted Venison flanks to boost your health back up!
In-Game Marketplace to buy and trade from other players across platforms
Co-Op Game experience to quest or whatever your hearts desire
Story driven content full of love, war, an uncle versus nephew story.

Your actions dictate who shall rule the Realm, whether it be The Main Character you choose to fight for, or his Tyrannical Uncle you fight for to control the realm!

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