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Here I will list the features in Arkanius and the upcoming features I wish to implement into the game.

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Here I will list the features in Arkanius and the upcoming features I wish to implement into the game.


  • Basic attacking, avoiding, etc system.
  • Spells and skills system.
  • Player-owned housing system with castles, houses, farms, etc.
  • Dynamic weather system.
  • Pet/familiar system, pets can wander around, be summoned and fight for you.
  • A very interactive and deep quest system.
  • Chat system with multiple channels, such as world chat, local map chat, etc.
  • Friends system.
  • Targeting NPCs.
  • Inventory and Banks to store items in various towns and villages.
  • Skills such as mining, blacksmithing, fishing, etc.
  • World and area maps.
  • Dungeons, labyrinths, caves and all sorts of weird and wonderful places.
  • An in-game manual/guide.
  • Paperdolled equipment.
  • Many equipment slots.
  • Interaction with the world around you such as picking mushrooms and flowers.
  • Ability to take resources from the environment such as fruit from trees.
  • Active help from GMs via a castle where the currently active GM (King) will be situated.Player trading and partying.
  • Nicely developed NPC item dropping system.
  • Weapon Enchantments
  • Wide range of NPCs from tiny butterflies to huge bosses.
  • Critters roaming the land such as butterflies, bugs and such.
  • Player-owned customizable ships (you can equip cannons, fishing nets and much more to your ship) and caravans allowing players to also transport party members.
  • Players can enter their own ships and caravans and decorate the interior, another customizable private place for the player.
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