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A little something something based on the systems in the mod. The people have the right to know which star is fiction and which star is non-fiction :)

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Hello, In this artical you will be reading about a in game feature used in Evolution I and II. It was used in a similar way in other campagins like homesick. But this one is diffrent, Every 5 missions you, the player will be able to view the updated starcharts (political) about what is going on, giving you a sneak preview on what may happen further on. However, this will be in Evolution II R-1 but only in Evolution I R-4, There ARE gonna be release canadates for the mod then at the end all 2 campagins will be in one huge package. But that will be posted as a news infomation as soon as Im done with the freding part of Evolution I. Anyhow, here are some of the common systems you will see in Evolution I, Their political goverment, population and common uses.

Name: Sol
Constallation: Southern Arm
Region: Ursa Sector
Planets: 8
Goverment: UNE
Populated world(s): Earth, Mars, Luna

Name: Polaris
Constallation: Sourthern Arm
Region: Ursa Sector
Planets: 4
Goverment: UNE
Populated world(s): Polaris III
Uses: Trade Hub, Tourist attraction

Name: Sirius
Constallation: Sirius Sector
Region: Ursa's East arm
Planets: 4
Goverment: UNE
Populated world(s): Sirius II, Sirius IV
Uses: Religious purposes

Name: Khepri
Constallation: Northern Arm
Region: Vexor Sector
Planets: 3
Populated world(s): Khepri Prime (Khepri II)
Goverment: Khepri Imperalist
Uses: Unknown

Name: Eva Nebula
Constallation: Galactic Core
Region: Galactic Core
Planets: None, Nebula cloud
Populated world(s): N/A
Goverment: Contested sector
Uses: Gas mining

You might beable to make out the homeworlds of the UNE and Khepri, All AIC systems were not mentioned in the campagin so they wont be put up here.

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