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One of the best feature of Digmaan: The Aftermath that players/gamers will surely love.

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The health restoration and no game over feature.

Most people don't want to see the word game over on the games that they play and most people also wanted to have a health regeneration feature. Now, Digmaan: The Aftermath have both of those features as we believe that playing a game is about having fun, not to get stress every time you failed a mission/objective.

No game over feature will give the player a chance to play a level over and over again after dying, without even seeing the game over word. If a player dies, it will automatically re-spawn on the beginning of a certain level. After re spawning, the player's health will automatically be regenerated to a full 100 health to continue what he/she was doing. No worries about dying because what you leaved after you died will also be the same, for example, you already acquired a key to open the door and then you get killed by the monster, you do not have to worry for that since after you re-spawn, it will still remain the same and you can open the locked door as you already gained the key required for that door.

Hope you like this feature and keep watching the game will soon be released.

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Great I hate game overs :P

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