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Game engine needs for this particular project. For people interested in joining or learning more about the project, here is a overview on the engine features.

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Picking the right engine for the project. Well for my needs which are:

Network depend, Medium to high graphics.

With this in mind i kind, though this way on which engine that i want to use and learn about:

Unity3D - Well it does not have a good level of network efficiency though is supported.I probably pick Unity3D if i where doing a map based 3D game or a 2D, which are its high advantages.

Unreal Engine - It have good network support, high graphics, but the Linux support is small, which is my main use at the moment. The 5% Cut on the budge may be a hurt to Indie or Small company's.

Ogre3D - Very high graphics, and network support, used in some large projects and is stable. Free.

Torque 3D - High to medium graphic come with high network support. Works on Linux, and is Free.

Cry Engine - Well the price is only for large company's. Support most things in high efficiency.

Blender Engine - Though look nice to work with and have a very high improvements by the Dev team. It does not give that much support to network games.

Quake 3 engine - The release in GPL prevent you to do game with out releasing the code. Which on some cases is not very good if you have to release the game code. Thing if the license as for added features to the engine, and not the game script it self that may be of some usage.

The final pick as Torque 3D It kind fit my needs of Indie, hobbyist development. Is free, give me high support for multiplayer, high graphics and support Linux. That does not mean have to stick with one Engine, different projects have different needs. Well its my thoughts on the subject and the Engine which I'm attempting to use for this project.

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